“The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress: It’s literary, erotic, and romantic comedy. Call it chick lit with a high heat index!”

Miss Melisse is a world-class temptress at the top of her game. She’s a sweet, smart and sassy vixen who always leaves them wanting more. AND she’s sharing her advice and success secrets with you, here

Melisse is more than a beautiful woman living the life of a modern courtesan. Even while satisfying the needs and desires of men who seek her out for sex, fantasy fulfillment and faux friendship, she secretly yearns to experience true love.

She is also driven by a singular vision: to start La Fantasia—a luxurious, secret spa retreat—where women can relax and safely know pleasures beyond their wildest dreams with men they’ve only fantasized about…

Can she find real love—and fulfill her dreams—while navigating “The Life?”


Join Melisse on an unforgettable “magic carpet ride” as she flies high in the world of lust and dives into the depths of love—with many interesting stops in between.

There are Three Parts to The Spicy Secrets Series.
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White-Hot Erotic Romance!

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