In the erotic romance Novel, The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress, Part 1, Learning the Life:

Melisse learns the arts of seduction in a luxurious bordello and travels the world as an independent companion, catering to the desires of some of the world’s most elite and eccentric men. She’s a secret agent of sensuality with all the tact and diplomacy of an international ambassador–only she’s not negotiating for world peace–she’s making pleasure deals with lonely and generous men! She’s driven by her goal of starting La Fantasia–a secret spa retreat–where women can relax and safely know pleasures behind their wildest dreams with men they’ve only fantasized about. But between working hard (and playing harder) she crosses paths with a hot new guy who warms her heart and challenges her mind…Should she give him a little of her (expensive) time?

Is there is more to life than turning expensive tricks and playing with boy toys in your spare time?

In the erotic romance novel, The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress, Part 2, Love in The Life:

While juggling her blue-chip portfolio of rich, needy, and kinky men, Melisse is courted by Brahim, her secret sexual fantasy come to life and an ambitious actor and filmmaker who tempts her with his charm and wild sense of fun and adventure. Best of all, he makes her laugh. Melisse is falling hard, and soon she can’t imagine life without him. Of course, she’s neglected to tell him her biggest spicy secret—her profession—putting it off as long as she can. How can she risk losing the best man, best friend (and the best sex) she’s ever known? But when the truth comes to light before she’s ready, she must face the ultimate question: will Brahim still want to be her hero, or will he leave her behind for a woman who has the power to make him into Hollywood’s next leading man.

How do you ever fall–and stay–in love when you’re a Jet $et Temptress and your life is full of spicy secrets?

In the erotic romance novel, The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress, Part 3: Leaving The Life: 

Melisse is back on top–and on the rebound! Powered by her unusual business goal for La Fantasia, and fueled by her lucrative client relationships, she’s “all business” and taking the profession of seduction to the max with an eye to soon “retiring” to the South of France where she can open her dream business and finally have a “real life” and a “real” boyfriend. Or so she thinks. While taking another luxurious trip with her eccentric client, Sheik Jazzy, Melisse suddenly becomes a “guest” in the Sheik’s legendary gilded harem (where lust, laziness, and indulgence of every desire reign supreme). There, she contemplates the pleasures and pitfalls of her life as a jet set temptress. When the Sheik takes his ardor too far, she must fight her way out with nothing but her wit, charm, and help from an unlikely protégé. From her kinky and devoted personal butler, to her Hollywood hunk of an ex-fiancé, to the royally cute VIP client she’s been crushing on forever…Melisse has no shortage of men (or spicy secrets). Can a capricious butterfly like Melisse flutter into the arms of just one man?

How do you keep flying high when you’re a jet set temptress locked like a bird in a crazy man’s gilded cage?

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