Part 2: Love in The Life

Part 2: Love in The Life: In this quirky love story, Brahim is both Melisse’s romantic dream come true and maybe her worst business decision ever. When this playful and enticing filmmaker/actor accidentally crashes her work dates while courting her relentlessly, she doesn’t know whether to kill him or kiss him. While their chemistry is undeniable…their relationship is “the real deal”…and the sex with this sweet stud with super stamina is the best she’s ever known…she finds herself sacrificing brutal honesty in favor of seeming honorable. And she must eventually choose between making love or making money. In the game of love, this high-priced hooker with a heart of gold is gambling with her heart and her gold! And while Melisse has a dream of pursuing a lifelong love with Brahim, she has a stronger dream of creating La Fantasia, the sexy unique business that could sustain her and keep her independent, in love or out of it, with or without a dream man. But when the truth of her spicy lifestyle comes to light before she’s ready to fess up to Brahim,  we wonder: Will she get to waltz down the aisle with the only man she was ever willing to go “all in” for?…Or, will she just end up being the “booby prize” in the dangerous game of love?

How can you ever fall—or stay—in love when you’re a jet set temptress and your life is full of spicy secrets?