Part 3: Leaving The Life

Part 3: Leaving The Life: Melisse is back on top and on the rebound! In this story of the triumph of mind over matter, Melisse returns to The Life with a vengeance. She is fueled by her dream to start La Fantasia, and dating a darling new guy who literally spices up her life. But traveling the world on erotic business comes to a halt when she becomes a “guest” in an eccentric Sheik’s gilded harem—a super-luxe pleasure palace where lust, laziness, and indulgence of every desire reign supreme. Melisse is trapped in a fantasy life of luxury that, while seductive to some, comes at a very high price to one whose heart is not for sale. While entertaining and enchanting her most demanding client of all time, she contemplates the pleasures and pitfalls of being a jet-set temptress… and shares her greatest spicy secrets ever with a desperate student in need of her special training. But when the Sheik takes his ardor too far, she must fight her way out with nothing but her wit, charm, and help from her unlikely protégé. From her kinky and devoted personal butler, to her Hollywood hunk of an ex-fiancé, to the royally cute VIP client she’s been crushing on…Melisse has no shortage of men (or spicy secrets). But can a capricious butterfly like Melisse flutter into the arms of just one man?

How do you keep flying high when you’re a jet set temptress locked like a bird in a crazy man’s gilded cage?